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VOVA European Merchants Recruitment Program is Opening,It's Time to Become a Seller!!

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Vova Introduction:

1.  Vova is one of the hottest shopping Apps in European market, which is Top 1 of the French Shopping List in App Store

2.  Vova worldwidely owns customers covering over 200 countries, supports over 20 languages and on which more than 1 million products in sales

3.  Established and continuously grown for 12 months, Vova’s GMV has gone up to millions dollars

Target Merchants:

1.  European local sellers

2. Sellers who own overseas warehouses in Europe

Sales Area:

1.  Covering major EU countries

2.  Any available-for-sale countries(those countries business logistics can cover)

Recruitment Categories:

1.  Food(mainstay),such as: chips,coffee,wine,meal replacemen,infant milk powder, biscuits, cakes, chocolates, nutrition supplements

2.  Consumer Electronics, such as: phone, bluetooth earphone, game machine

3.  Small Home Appliances, such as: shavers, vacuums, ovens

4.  Big Home Appliances, such as: television, washing machine, refrigerator, wine cooler

5.  Kitchen supplies, such as: knives, cook wares, dishes, baking tray,barbecue grill

6.  Garden Equipments, such as: weeder, trimming tools,chainsaws, pile driver, lawn mower

7.  Recreational facilities, such as:bouncing bed,bouncing pool,beach chair,palasol

8.  Furniture, such as:rattan table and chair,bedside table,storage box,mattress

9.  Cabinet Hardware, such as: sink, kitchen waste processor,water tap,shower faucets

Settlement Process:

1、 Submit information on this:

2、 Our staff will contact merchant in 5 working days and open the store

3、  Merchant installs available-for-sale countries( can be intstalled by our staffs)

4、 On-shelf goods are on sale


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