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Amazon Australia Announces FBA to 3rd Party Sellers and We Help Sellers Grow!

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Ahead of schedule, Amazon has rolled out the second phase of its strategy for Australia – launching FBA for Australian 3rd Party Sellers on

The carrot being dangled to encourage 3rd Party Sellers to get on board is the Free Storage of your inventory until the 31st of August.

Amazon will charge 3rd Party sellers from $1.76 to fulfill an order that fits in a small envelope and up to $25.48 for a bulky order weighing up to 30 kilograms.It’ll charge $7.76 to pack and send an order weighing up to three kilograms. Australia Post charges $8.50 to send a parcel that size anywhere in Australia, so Amazon’s already looking a lot more competitive. If you’re doing volume, that’s a decent saving of about 9.5%, although, when you add the $1.76 pick and pack fee, it costs a little more.

Storage will be charged at $19.40 per cubic meter for the most of the year, and $26.50 per square meter in the busy Christmas shopping months from October to December.

As a 3rd Party Seller, we do pay a monthly fee of $49.95 to sell our products on Amazon, which takes a cut of sales between 6% and 15%, depending on the product category.

As more warehouses are created across Australia, Amazon’s FBA network will become much more efficient!

Shipping to Amazon Australia FBA 
At BFE,we are guided by the aim of helping you grow your business in Australia.we have Australia warehouse located in Sydney, covering 3,000 square meters and orders processing capacity can reach 21,000-23,000 pieces per day.  We offer many more customized solutions that cater to specific needs of individual businesses.

Amazon FBA Prep & Handling:
Order Fulfill For complete processing of your inventory destined for Amazon FBA Fulfillment Center. This is the basic service of BFE includes everything from shipment reception, product inspection, prep & labeling, repackaging and finally shipping the boxes to Amazon FBA.

Order Fulfillment by BFE
For times when FBA is not the best option for order fulfillment like in case of oversized products, use 'Order Fulfillment by BFE. We will pick, pack & ship the unit stored in our warehouse directly to your customer.

Amazon FBA Inspect & Forward
A Low cost forwarding option for Amazon Australia FBA sellers. Get your inventory shipped to us by your supplier/manufacturer. We will sample inspect few units from each carton to ensure compliance with Amazon FBA requirements and subsequently forward the shipment to FBA warehouse.

Amazon FBA Forward Only
For when you have full confidence on the prep of your Manufacturer. Use our Forward Only service. We receive your shipment, pay the import duties and forward your shipment onward to Amazon FBA. This ensures that shipment arrives at FBA with all the duties pre paid.

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