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Our global selling Indian sellers can now sell on the Amazon Australia marketplace

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"Our global selling Indian sellers can now sell on the Amazon Australia marketplace, expanding their international exposure and reach highly engaged online consumers from Australia," Amazon VP and Head (International Seller Services) Eric L Broussard told.

Apr 12, Amazon said Indian merchants who are part of its global selling programme can now sell products on its Australian marketplace. With the addition of Australia, Indian sellers can now sell on 11 of Amazon's international marketplaces, including the US, the UK, Japan, Canada and France.

In the Australia market, where 60 Indian sellers piloted last month, categories such as books, home, apparel, HPC, office products, and shoes from India are popular, with more than 300,000 products listed already.

Over 32,000 sellers in India are part of Amazon's global selling programme. The company said these sellers have seen a growth of over 200 per cent in sales in 2017. Gopal Pillai, GM and Director Seller Services, Amazon India, says this is unexpected growth. “Customer reviews have helped the sellers to adapt to foreign customers’ tastes and demands by modifying their products accordingly. The ‘Amazon Choice’ label gives recommendations too,” he says. According to him, many sellers in Tier IV cities, now exporting to these countries, have seen themselves becoming brands.

Besides, Categories like home decor, handicrafts, art supplies, writing instruments and leather messenger bags are among the top product categories being exported by Amazon's sellers in India. Amazon saw a growth of 224 per cent in the number of Indian sellers selling globally and a 500 per cent rise in number of Indian products on Amazon's international marketplaces. 

Sales from small and medium-sized businesses selling cross-border represent more than 25 percent of Amazon sales now. Eric says global sellers grow twice as fast as domestic sellers.

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