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Shipping to Amazon FBA in Australia

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Q: Hi BFE, Can you help us with a quote to get our goods into FBA Australia?This will be our first shipment into FBA Australia and we are looking for a Freight Forward and Customs Brokerage partner.This shipment will be leaving from ShangHai China around July 7,We are looking to make a final decision for our partner by tomorrow if possible, Thank you! 

A: BFE ships cargo from China directly to your preferred Amazon FBA in Australia, which helps Amazon sellers maintain their respective inventory at the required  amount. We are a leading freight services provider with expertise in shipping goods to Amazon FBA and also have warehousing in Australia(covering 3000 square meters). Our professional services is provided through competitive rates and prompt delivery. 

Solutions for shipping to Amazon FBA in Australia

Air Freight
BFE’s unsurpassed services and skilled veterans provide the best air freight to Australia according to the client’s budget, time and cargo size.

Sea Freight
We provide reliable and timely shipping to worldwide oceans including Australia with our widespread partnership, network & experience.

Warehousing & Distribution

All Australian shipments enjoy safe warehousing at affordable prices and value-added services according to the term of usage.

Customs Brokerage Australia

For any imports to Australia, we provide swift and easy customs clearance for all shipments in one-go. Your shipments will be released in a seamless transaction.

Cargo Insurance

All of the shipments are reasonably backed by cargo insurance to enable us in aiding any risk of financial loss or damages during transit.

Cargo Consolidation

Our experts can consolidate the goods from several suppliers in China into a single shipment saves most of our clients’ cost and time.

Proactive communications and advice
Are you facing complications in your logistics operations? Whether your concerns are regarding transportation, customs clearance, transshipment or documentation, BFE’s experienced logistics team is ever-ready to provide you the assistance and guidance you need for successful shipping procedures.

Reliable and efficient operation

Shipping to Australia from China can be stressful, which is why our team takes the time to understand your business and industry. We learn your business’ needs and goals so that we can help you meet your specific requirements, completely and accurately - every single time.

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