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French special express is officially launched with lowest cost!

Date:2018-07-24 15:54:09 View:2805 Source:admin Author:admin

Good news, for the goods sold to France, BFE officially launched a super-fast service today with high delivery rate that can also send battery products . The service has a direct flight to Paris, France, and the second leg is delivered by France Post. 

Note: French special express doesn’t accept goods with a declared value more than 22 Euros.

Six advantages of our Champion Quality:

Low Cost: 5.2USD shipping fee/ kg + 3.7USD processing fee/pc 

Fast: Direct flight to Paris, France, 5~7 days delivery

Rest assured: The order number is obtained, full tracking

Safety: One-piece express clearance mode, other packages are not affected

Less restrictions: Less than 5KG, can send ordinary goods or battery products.

Save worried: Provide overseas return service, can be returned to the BFE warehouse in French.

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